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Diving Safety officer, Dive & Marine Surveyor & Consultant

Stephen W. Bielenda
PO Box 888 Miller Place, N.Y. 11764-0888
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Three children

CAPTAIN STEPHEN W. BIELENDA,    1961---Present    


USCG Merchant Marine Officer, Coastwise 100 tons 100 miles oceans/ current
Owner Operator Three Mobile Oil Gas Stations 25 years
Trained Retail sale operator
Auto, Truck and marine mechanic, GAS & DIESEL engines
Welding, Fiberglass stern drive repair, Mercruiser training.
Attended GM, Ford & Dodge Chrysler training schools.
Attended Grady Vocational High school evening courses, A/C brakes engine overhaul.
Licensed New York State Vehicle inspector/ current
Sea Traveler Marina Marine Mechanic
Sea Dog Marine Surveyor
Davis Co Ltd, marine surveyor
Commercial Diving company Underwater Services Unlimited
Tug boat operation & experienced deck hand oil barge
Vessel relocation & transportation East coast United States
Expert witness trial experience scuba, vessel operation marine salvage
Member ASAP Random testing program current
Marine Surveyor, Sea dog marine, Davis Co Ltd
Photographer  still/video

Notary Public New York State current
New York State Suffolk County Pistol license current
Florida pistol license current

Hyperbaric Chamber trained Operator (1997 and recertified May 2004)
YMCA Scuba Instructor Trainer (1963-1981)
YMCA Scuba SLAM Instructor, Scuba Lifesaving Accident Management
PADI Master Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer, M 1317 certified PADI (1967-1981)
Certified YMCA Scuba diver (1961)

PADI Master Instructor Trainer Course Director M-1317
PADI EFR Emergency First Responder trained
PADI specialty course diver trainer
DSO Diving Safety officer Eastern dive Boat Association

FCC Marine Radio Operators Permit

Commercial Fishing Vessel Operator Permit # 100005029 (1989 – present)
Underwater rigging heavy equipment using  cranes/(10 ton) lift bags;
Salvaged many submerged vessels;
Accomplished navigator, using radar, loran nautical charts, and plotting;

1963-1971 Mechanic/Manager Bedford Eastern Auto Repair

1971- 1980 Owner operator mechanic three gas stations

1980- 2003 Owner/Operator – Research Vessel WAHOO 
Marine surveyor
Westchester Medical Center Hyperbaric Chamber Hyperbaric
Consultant  (2002 - 2004)
Underwater Services Unlimited owner/operator commercial
diving salvage company
US DOT certified  tank hydro testing facility owner
Trained & certified dive and Scuba equipment technician
Rigged heavy equipment underwater Salvaged
Wreck and scuba diving specialist, including deep air diving;
Accomplished navigator, using radar, loran nautical charts,
and plotting;
lectures on vessel operation, shipwrecks diving and dive safety

Expert witness Trail court appearances and opinions

Dive & Marine Consultant & Expert Witness Testified in Federal court cases
personal injury and marine salvage    
Guarascio v. Drake Associates, et al. United States District Court —
Southern District of New York Civil Action No.: 06-CV- 15185 Copyright © 2015 Steve Bielenda,
Attorney SIMON HARTER, Esq. sharter@harterlaw .com

1999 Vessel ILLUSIONS – Nicoletti Hornig & Sweeney
Friedman Levy & Goldfarb, P.C 
Edward Soellner and Roseanne Huffman v. Robert J. Burns, et al.
-Wrongful death suit – 
Vessel Deep Six Diving Corp, Donovan Parry Walsh & Repetto, P.C.
-Wrongful death suit – 

Gary Gentile vs. U.S. NOAA 1999 New York Federal Court,  
access USS Monitor

Brooklyn Supreme Court - Sea Traveler’s Marina
Long Island District Federal Court - Vessel sinking and salvage.
Consultant & underwater guide United States Navy Explosive
Ordinance Department divers


Retired Unites States Coast Guard Auxiliary
USCG Diver Evacuation Helicopter Training Courses producer
Designed and delivered Helicopter injured diver evacuation training Moriches Coast Guard Station USCG station, NY (1980’s) & USCG Fire Island station, NY (1990’s)
Suffolk County Police Dept. - Designed Scuba Instructor Training Course
New York YMCA Scuba Field Representative
AAUS, American Academy Underwater Sciences pasted member
Long Island Dolphins Inc. (Dive Club) – President (Member 1962 – Present)
Eastern Dive Boat Association – Past President (1985-1997) Present Member
St. Agnes Hyperbaric Chamber -Past Member Board of Directors
City Island Hyperbaric Chamber Facility - Past Member Board of Directors
Extended Range Diving Organization (ERDO) – Past Board Member
Volunteer adviser Nassau University Medical Center Life Support Technologies, Inc.   


Wrote Foreword;
Northeast diving Adventure by David Rosenthal Copyright © 2015 Steve Bielenda
Wrote Foreword Wreck Valley I, II, III by Dan Berg,:

Co-author: United Sates Coast Guard Proceedings 2002 - Dive Safety Article;
Co-authored Shipwreck Diving by Dan Berg
CNN news; Flight 800 disaster adviser for crash site /Jeff Falk
Lectured presentation on Marine & Boating safety operation, wreck diving and Hyperbaric Chamber use

Books and articles written about or mentioned in;
LI Newsday - King of The Deep by Nick Karas, August 1980;
New York Times
Wall Street Journal;
New York Daily News;
Long Island Newsday by Bill Blyer;
Boston Globe Newspaper
Shadow Divers - book about U-869, by
Robert Kurson;
Robert Louis Stevenson III;
Last Dive by Bernie Chowdury
Deep Descent, Kevin McCurry 2001; Andrea Doria
Angles of Attack, by Peter Hunt;
Hank Keatts Dive Into History U-Boats; Oregon,
Greyhound of the Atlantic, a Diver’s Scrap Book by Herb “Cap” Kassman;

Yankee Magazine, July 1999;
Esquire Magazine, July 2000;
Atlantic Coastal Diver; by James F. Jenny
Sport Diver;
Skin Diver Magazine;
Discover Diving articles by Hillary Viders Bill Blyer;
SubAqua Journal by Joel Silverstein;
Scuba Times;; Northwest Airlines;
Underwater USA;;
Fire Island Tides;

TV Programs/Interviews/Endorsements:
Wreck Valley Series; MSG
New York's CBS News; NBC News; ABC news; Ch-12 Long Island, WABC, WCBS;
Truman Taylor; CBS Boston;
Beneath The Sea guest speaker (1978 through 2004);
Lori Mangan (TV fishing show); BTS program;
Boston Sea Rover presentations (1976 through present);
Product endorsement DIVE ALERT - Diver Swimmer Safety Equipment.
Radio: Radio Interview by Joel Martin Show WBAB One hour and Featured Guest for TV programs
Nancy Grace Show

Computer Skills & Photography

Extensive knowledge of Windows-based PCs – software, hardware
Microsoft office, Adobe PDF and Photo shop
Website creation, photo editing programs
Networking software, hardware
Training courses New Horizons Computer School
Skilled top and underwater still and video photographer

2014.05.31 Steve Bielenda  


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